Steps in Staying Alive

by Andrew Rahman


UPDATE - This track cannot be posted to Bandcamp until I've sold some material. If you're interested in hearing this track and other longer tracks of mine please purchase my full-length and EP so I can start posting my long play tracks. Thanks!

I've not felt suicidal many days in my life, but here is one. As a means of releasing the negative thoughts/emotions from myself I would play my instruments and usually create beautiful worlds of serenity and peace that I so desperately needed, but this is not one of those places. Every instrument I touched felt lifeless: Playing made me feel even more abandoned. Out of frustration I decided to play every sound producing device I had in my room, simultaneously. Overloading the logical mind brought me back into objectivity. This is not for pleasure, but for pain.

This was recorded after the "Post-Traumatic Stress EP" but with the same cloud of negativity swarming my existence. As this was one of the most trying times in my life I knew this had to be the EP's younger, more fucked up sister. They are inseparable.

Instrument list:
2 circuit bent toys
Casio CTK-401 keyboard
Yahmaha PSR-275 keyboard
Korg Electribe SX
See 'n' Say (hacked)
Guitar with pedal board
GSM Technology cell phone
Premier Technologies ADL 3106 Music On Hold machine with tape "The Nature of Satan" Part 4 from Feast of Tabernacles.


released December 17, 2011




Andrew Rahman Oakland, California

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